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22 April 2010

Yes, not a handsome looking, nifty website with lots of cool stuff. Totally unwilling to put up an "under construction" sign (seriously, who still does that), I thought it would be best to quickly whip up something in Bluefish and upload that to the web server. Well, here it is! The first draft of what one day will be a nice looking website about silly bubble icons.

What the heck is a bubble icon?

Well, this is a bubble icon:


We have lots of those for you, to use with your favorite window manager, desktop environment or dock-bar. They are all released under GPL and CC 3.0 license.


You can find the latest version(s) here. If you use Arch Linux, there is no need to download them by hand, the latest version is always available in AUR (search for arch-bubble-icons).

Contact us

If you wish to contact us, like to ask us to make an icon for a specific piece of software, or simply to tell us how great we are and how much you love us, drop us an email at bubbleicons@tuxfamily.org!

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